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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Indianapolis, IN

It’s essential to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the summer months. But if your AC unit isn’t working properly, you could find yourself stuck in discomfort. Regular air conditioner maintenance can help you avoid this position. And better yet? It can increase efficiency and save you from more costly repairs in the future.

Regular maintenance gives your unit a longer lifespan, meaning it suffers fewer breakdowns and removes potential costly repairs. Contact Efficient Systems for air conditioning maintenance services.







Benefits of AC Maintenance

Longer Lifespan

Giving your system an annual check-up helps mitigate any potential problems. With our air conditioning maintenance services in Indianapolis, IN, we’re able to spot problems and fix them before any serious damage ensues.

Greater Efficiency

Maintenance can cause your air conditioning system to run at an even greater degree of efficiency than before. During maintenance, we’re able to spot and fix any issues that can negatively affect the system’s performance.

Fewer Repairs

Our air conditioning maintenance services in Indianapolis, IN, ensure that your unit is running at optimal conditions. Regular maintenance reduces the chances of a breakdown, saving you the trouble and money of having to pay for an expensive repair or purchase a new system. You’ll be much less likely to experience a malfunction at an inconvenient time, so you won’t have to deal with a problem in the middle of a hectic work week.

What Happens During AC Maintenance?

We always perform a thorough examination of your air conditioner unit, providing service to your system’s vital components:


We check your unit’s compressor by measuring refrigerant pressures and temperatures. Improper temperatures and/or pressures can be indicative of current or future problems. These preventative measures work to ensure the longevity of your unit.

Refrigerant Levels

We check your refrigerant levels and adjust them accordingly. Low refrigerant means low pressure, and this causes low temperatures that will eventually freeze the evaporator coil.

Condenser Coil

Your condenser coil transfers heat collected from inside your home to the air outside. During maintenance, we’ll remove any obstructions such as dust, dirt, or debris that may have overworked your system or interfered with its operations. When you recruit the team at Efficient Systems for cooling services, our HVAC technicians will clean the coil and ensure it hasn’t sustained damage.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is what captures the heat from inside your home. Damages or blockages to this system will cause problems with the heat exchange. So, the removal of blockages is vital to the condition of your unit.

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve removes pressure from the refrigerant, allowing for rapid cooling and ensuring the system is ready for more heat absorption in the next cycle. We assess the component for irregularities or damages within the loop that could cause degradation.  







Why Trust Efficient Systems for AC Maintenance Services?

Efficient Systems, your local HVAC expert, has delivered repairs, maintenance, and installations to residential customers for the better part of 30 years. Our air conditioning maintenance services are highly regarded by our loyal clients in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. At Efficient Systems, we will do everything we can to cater to your home’s unique needs with the utmost dedication. Our technicians will swiftly deliver above expectations thanks to the years of experience under their belts.

Contact Efficient Systems for AC Maintenance

Schedule service with Efficient Systems today to ensure your home is a comfortable shelter from Indiana’s sweltering summers, leaving your troubles in the capable hands of our technicians. If you require immediate repair services or have a question for our HVAC technicians, please contact our 24-hour phone line at (317) 293-6510, or contact us online.