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Avon, IN Air Conditioning Repair

Summers in Avon, IN are very hot and humid. You expect your air conditioner to keep up with the rising temperatures and humidity. However, extra hot summers do put a strain on your air conditioner, and it’s not uncommon for it to need repairs as it works harder to cool your home. Just because your ac unit needs a repair does not mean its life is over. You wouldn’t get rid of your car because you popped one tire, right? The same is true for your air conditioner. Oftentimes, it just needs a repair to run properly again.

When you need air conditioning repair services in Avon, IN call the professional team at Efficient Systems. We provide a plethora of services for homeowners including air conditioning repair. We want to make sure that you’re able to solve your air conditioning issues and call us for help, day or night, all year round!

Signs Your Need Air Conditioning Repairs in Avon, IN

If you notice any of the following issues with your air conditioning system, don’t ignore them. These issues never go away on their own, and you don’t need to continue suffering from poor air conditioning performance. If something doesn’t seem right with your air conditioning service, call for repairs quickly because these issues can often cause worse issues to develop.

Poor Airflow

Your air conditioning unit should be able to blow out air evenly throughout your home. If the air coming from your air conditioning unit seems to be weak, or some rooms are hotter than others, this can indicate a serious issue. AC repairs can make your home comfortable again.

Rising Energy Bills

If you notice your energy bills are higher than normal, this means that your air conditioning unit is using more power than normal to cool your home. This could be due to having an air conditioning unit that is the wrong size, one that is failing, or one that is experiencing technical issues and needs to use more power.

Strange Noises

When your ac unit is running properly, it shouldn’t emit a noise that’s louder than a hum. You may hear a noise when your air conditioner kicks on and turns off, but these noises are normal. Unfortunately, clanking or grinding noises are not normal. They could indicate parts within your air conditioning unit are loose. A faulty fan or blower unit can all be to blame. You should reach out to an HVAC service technician right away so they can properly diagnose the issue.

Strange Smells

Your air conditioning unit should not produce any foul odors. If you notice foul odors from your air conditioning unit, such as a musty or moldy smell, this could indicate there is bacteria build-up in your air conditioner. This is not only hazardous for your home’s indoor air quality, but it can also pose a threat to your family’s health.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a serious issue that impacts your air conditioning unit. During short cycling, your air conditioner will not be able to complete an entire cooling cycle. It will start up and shut down quickly and repeatedly without being able to cool your home sufficiently. Short cycling can be caused by anything from lack of refrigerant, faulty thermostats, or air escaping through a ventilation system. It’s best to call an HVAC technician if you notice short cycling.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Repair

It’s never fun having to call an HVAC technician for help. However, there are many benefits to repairing your air conditioning unit that you should take advantage of.

Improved Air Quality

If your cooling unit has been experiencing issues due to a clogged air filter, fixing your air conditioning unit will lead to improved indoor air quality. Changing your air filters will allow your family to be less prone to asthma and allergy flare-ups caused by debris, germs, and dirt accumulated on your air filter.

Extended Life of Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioning unit only lasts an average of 15 years. However, properly maintaining your air conditioning unit can save you money on future repairs or even replacement costs. By calling an HVAC technician, you can ensure your air conditioner continues to function and extend its life by at least a few years.

More Comfortable Temperatures

If you have small children, pets, or even elderly loved ones, it’s important to have a functioning air conditioning unit that keeps them comfortable. If your air conditioner does not work, rising temperatures within your home can cause your family or pets to suffer from dehydration or become more prone to heatstroke. Don’t suffer in the heat because you’re worried about the price of repairs. It’s important to get these issues fixed quickly.

Prevent Air Conditioning Repairs with Regular Maintenance

The best way to prevent your air conditioning system from needing repairs is to have it properly maintained. Efficient Systems offers air conditioning maintenance services to keep your systems running properly throughout the summer. Your system should be maintained on an annual basis, ideally, you should schedule this appointment in the spring before you turn on you need cool air to start filling your home.

One of our certified HVAC technicians will come to your home and tune up your unit. This will restore it to its peak performance, which can help you save on energy usage throughout the summer. The technician will do things like changing your air filter, cleaning your evaporator and condenser coils, checking your refrigerant levels and so much more! If your technician notices any repairs that need to be made, or if your unit is nearing the end of its life, they will let you know and you can decide what action to take.

If it’s been more than a year since you’ve had your air conditioning maintenance service performed, make an appointment with Efficient Systems today.

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If you suspect you’re having problems with your air conditioning cooling unit, don’t hesitate to call us today at Efficient Systems! We’ll be here to take care of all of your heating and cooling needs in Avon, Indiana. Being without cool air on a hot day is an emergency, and that’s why we provide services 24/7. Whether you need air conditioning repair, regular maintenance, or other heating and cooling services, Efficient Systems has you covered. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.


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