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Avon, IN Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are an excellent choice for both heating and cooling in your Avon, IN home. Heat pumps tend to experience more issues than a typical heating system or air conditioning system because they are used year-round. You need to have a heat pump serviced at the beginning of both the cooling and heating seasons.

How to Know When to Repair Your Heat Pump

Even if you’re excellent at keeping up with regular heat pump maintenance, there are occasions where additional service may be needed. These are some common signs that your heat pump needs repairs:

Ineffective Temperature Control

When you can’t get your home to the right temperature, you will need to have your heat pump serviced to see what is going on. The issue could be as simple as your thermostat, or a broken component within the heat pump. 

Excessive Noise

Noise coming from your heat pump when it is running is never a good sign. If your system sounds different than normal, and you aren’t sure what is going on, turn off your heat pump and call for service.

Long, Frequent Cycles

Your heat pump should complete cycles with ease to heat and cool your home. If you notice long cycles where the temperature doesn’t change, this indicates a problem with your heat pump. Frequent cycles without changing the temperature means your heat pump is short cycling, and this requires a repair.

The System Won’t Turn On

If you go to turn on your heat pump to heat or cool your home, and it doesn’t work, make sure you have power going to the unit first. If your circuit breakers are fine and the power is not out in your home, you will need to get help for your heat pump.

Should You Replace Your Heat Pump?

Heat pump issues can make it impossible to fix the system, and you need to have a new heating system installed instead. At Efficiency Systems, we are ready to help if heat pump issues cause your heat to stop working. When your heat pump system is beyond repair, we are ready to talk to you about your options. We offer new heat pump installation, repair and maintenance services to make it possible to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Don’t struggle with a heat pump that gives you headaches. Call us to install a new heat pump to relieve your stress and get comfortable again. 

Why Do Heat Pumps Need Occasional Repairs?

Like anything mechanical that heats and cools your home, heat pumps have an occasional need for repairs. Your heat pump is on throughout the year, heating and cooling your home as needed. With the consistent use of your heat pump, it is more prone to breaking down than traditional heating and cooling systems. 

Your heat pump needs to be serviced before you need it to keep you warm every day, and at the start of the cooling season. With good maintenance, your heat pump won’t have as many emergency repairs needed throughout the year. Routine maintenance includes a system inspection that identifies if any repairs are needed. With good maintenance, it is likely that you will catch most repairs before they develop into an emergency situation.

Heat Pump Repair Services From Efficient Systems

As a company that only hires NATE-certified technicians, we are ready to handle all of your heat pump repair needs. At Efficient Systems, we are proud to have a good reputation in our community. We have been providing HVAC services in Avon and the surrounding area since 1993, and we know what it takes to keep our customers happy. If you need heat pump repair services, we are ready to talk to you about your service options. We work hard to ensure you are happy with the work we complete in your home.