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2015 Water Heater Efficiency Regulation Changes

The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act approved by the US congress is already taking its effect on manufacturers of water heaters. The act has laid down new rules that apply to water heaters installed in residential homes and operated by gas, propane or electricity. Here is how the new energy act affects residential water heaters and the changes that you need to make.

Part of the recommended 2015 water heater regulation changes require water heater manufacturers to increase insulation on their tanks. This is going to affect the size of the tank by increasing it 2 inch wider. A residential home with a closet water heater will have to relocate the tank to a wider space. This may attract additional cost from HVAC technicians unless you are willing to relocate or expand the closet ourselves.

With increase in tank dimensions, this is going to affect production lines. Thus the price of new energy compliant tanks will rise and you will have to spend more to have your home water heaters upgraded. A home water heater with a rating of 0.82 and above is already compliant thus don’t need replacing.

On the other hand, you may not have to increase the size of the tank to comply with the 2015 water heater regulation changes. For instance, if the regulation considers a 50 gallon tank as more efficient, you may settle for a 40 gallon tank if the former cannot fit in your spacing. Additional fixtures like mixer valves may however be required to provide the same amount of hot water you could have received from the 50 gallon water tank.

The 2015 water heater regulation changes will definitely affect expenditure on the new revamp required. It is a good idea to shop right now for water heaters that are energy compliant and will fit into the current space of your home; demand is high right new so you should hurry while stock lasts. Alternatively, we recommend going with tankless water heating solutions to save on the hassle for a bigger tank.

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