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3 Instances That Are Considered Electrical Emergencies

Your home’s electrical system is responsible for distributing power to your light fixtures, appliances and electronic devices. However, there could come a time that it experiences an issue that requires professional attention. This is considered an emergency if it poses a serious safety risk to you and your family. It can also lead to property damage if not addressed promptly.

Home electrical system emergencies

Efficient Systems, one of the top HVAC contractors in the area, also provides electrical services. Here are three instances that are considered electrical emergencies.

1. Failure of a wire to trip. When there’s something wrong with your home’s electrical circuit, one of its circuit breakers will trip and shut itself off. If it’s not working properly, the problematic wiring won’t trip, exposing your home to electrical failure and potential fire. Check for a humming or buzzing sound coming from the breaker box; this is a sign that it is failing to trip.

2. Power outage. Power outages often occur when there’s either scheduled maintenance by the local utility company or a severe storm. These issues, however, could be isolated to your home. If you’re the only one in your neighborhood that doesn’t have power, get in touch with professional technicians as soon as possible. Certain electrical malfunctions can lead to electric shock hazards. Take advantage of HVAC inspection services as well to protect your heating or cooling system from electrical malfunctions.

3. Recurring electrical problems. Seek professional assistance if you notice a specific appliance or light is having problems for more than an hour. It may be having an electrical malfunction, which could put everyone at risk of serious injury. Call your local electrician as soon as possible if you smell something burnt or acrid, as this could be a sign of damaged wiring.

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