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4 Most Annoying Furnace Noises and What They Mean

Even the Department of Energy admits that the furnace’s blower fan can be loud. However, the friction between high-speed air and it’s blades should be the only racket you hear when it operates. Any other sound merits investigation. More often than not, these four noises should concern you: 4 Most Annoying Furnace Noises and What They Mean

1. Banging

Unlike efficient heating and air conditioning units, malfunctioning furnaces can produce a booming sound when they start up. It suggests that the burner is having difficulty reaching the optimum temperature to heat up the fuel. It’s jets could be clogged with carbon particles, causing the ignition issues. When it gets hot enough, it could burn a lot of gas or oil at once. When you hear a banging noise when the appliance cycle is off, the sound could be coming from the ducts. They can be annoying when they expand or contract due to extreme temperature fluctuation.

2. Squealing

Moving parts, especially bearings or belts, can squeal when there’s severe grime buildup. They wouldn’t necessarily need replacements; they could operate smoothly again when cleaned, which should be done semi-annually.

3. Rattling

A rumbling furnace suggests that something’s loose somewhere in the heating system. There might be debris, unsealed ducts, and broken components. Having a faulty motor is the worst-case scenario.

4. Clicking

Hearing clicking sounds is both bad and good. It’s bad because it means there’s something wrong with the ignition or heat exchanger, and it’s good because you can schedule repairs in a timely manner. It can be annoying, but urgent tune-ups should give them a permanent fix.

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