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4 Signs That You Need to Update Your Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. Like most types of essential residential systems, electrical systems will eventually require updates, or even a complete replacement. In this blog, air conditioner repair contractor Efficient Systems, Inc. discusses the signs that indicate the need for a new electrical panel.

4 Signs That You Need to Update Your Electrical Panel

It Feels Warm to the Touch — If the electrical panel door feels warm to the touch, this usually indicates an electrical overload caused by worn-out components or improper installation. Do not continue using the electrical panel; rather, shut the power mains down and schedule an appointment with your local electrician. If the number of appliances in your home has increased since the electrical panel was installed, an update may be necessary.

It Smells Like It’s Burning — A burning smell is indicative of an improper connection in the electrical panel or a bad circuit breaker. Even if your appliances seem fine, continued use could be hazardous. Shut power mains down and call for repairs or you may incur additional costs for air conditioner repair. If the panel turns out to be damaged, take this as an opportunity to update and future-proof your electrical panel.

It’s Still Equipped with a Fuse Box — Fuses are standard components of electrical panels–that is, if it were still the 1960s. Fuse boxes have been rendered obsolete by safer and more efficient circuit breakers. Don’t wait for the fuse box to burn out, which is sure to happen at the most inconvenient time. Instead, update now to conveniently resettable circuit breakers.

It Gets Tripped Too Often — Too many appliances connected to a single circuit will often trip a circuit breaker. If yours gets tripped too often even though you know that the circuit load is below the threshold, you’ll need to have it replaced. If the same issue persists in other parts of the house, have your electrical contractor inspect your home’s electrical system, as the electrical panel itself may be the cause.

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