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5 Common Home Heating Myths

Home heating myths prevent people from implementing truly meaningful strategies that could lower their expenses. We have listed five of these pervasive misconceptions below in order to debunk them with facts:

1. Setting the temperature higher will lead to faster home heating.

This doesn’t work with air conditioners and it doesn’t work with heaters either. Heating will progress in the same rate whatever the setting is. The only thing you accomplish by cranking up the temperature is that it will feel far too hot for comfort. You will only be using more fuel than necessary.

2. Replacing the windows is a cost-effective way to increase efficiency.

While it is true that high quality modern windows can help increase heating efficiency, the cost is far too great for most cases. Replacement runs in the thousands of dollars while the gains are incremental. The breakeven point of this investment will take decades to reach. Consider this the last resort unless you are renovating due to other reasons such as aesthetic enhancements.

3. Keep the temperature constant throughout the day to save money.

Some people believe that keeping the heater running all day at a constant temperature is the best way to keep the system at minimum consumption. In truth, it is better to turn it off when not needed such as when people are at the school or office. Temperature may also be changed throughout the day depending on outside conditions.

4. Using the fireplace as heater can reduce heating costs.

The fireplaces will require the purchase wood unless one lives in rural areas where they can be fetched from the backyard. The fire will also consume precious oxygen which has been heater by the HVAC system and send up smoke through the chimney.

5. Programmable thermostats will automatically lower consumption.

Installing a programmable thermostat will not cause an instantaneous decrease in fuel expenses. In fact, things might increase if certain conditions are met. Owners must input a program with sensible settings that take full advantage of its capabilities.

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