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5 Tips to Avoid Constant Plumbing Problems

If you routinely call your plumber to ask for help, there must be a real problem in your home. We understand the inconvenience; your plumbing system should be durable enough that it won’t constantly fail you. Practicing these tips could become the difference between costly monthly calls and a plumbing system in tip-top shape.

5 Tips to Avoid Constant Plumbing Problems

Efficient Systems, Inc. has been performing long-lasting plumbing repairs for years, and can easily tell you how to reduce the times you need to call a professional. Here are some house rules we suggest all homeowners follow:

Dispose of Oil and Grease in the Trash

Never pour your used oil or grease down the sink or drains in your home. Oil and grease stick to the sides of your pipes and solidify, especially in cold weather. The hardened substance will eventually lead to clogging, which will need professional cleaning.

Throw Large Leftover Food in the Trash

Your sink disposal system is designed to shred small chunks of food. A good plumbing service like Efficient Systems, Inc. would tell you to leave the small scraps to the sink disposal, and the bigger scraps to the trash. Keep your disposal clean too; a filthy sink disposal system is always a few moments away from clogging.

Don’t Use Drop-In Toilet Bowl Cleaners

While they’re very convenient, those bombs can cause corrosion and damage to your pipes. Some toilet manufacturers even void warranties when they uncover that you’ve used drop-in cleaners.

Don’t Use Exposed Pipes as Clothing Racks

While it’s tempting to hang laundry from pipes in the basement, that doesn’t mean you should. Putting the added weight on those pipes can damage them, eventually leading to a major leak and repair.

If you follow this advice and still get constant problems with your plumbing, it would be unwise to ignore the problem or try to fix it yourself. It’s time to call experienced professionals like Efficient Systems, Inc. at (317) 759-5562 today.