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Nip it in the Bud: 6 Heating Issues to Catch Early This Winter

Winter is coming and with it comes the very crucial role of your home’s heating system. Imagine of the shuddering possibility of having to endure a cold night or day due to a preventable scenario involving your HVAC system? That is scaring to say the least. What can you do to nip such eventualities in the bud? Consider the following proactive measures that you can take to avoid this possibility.

6 Common Heating Issues

#1 Sudden heat loss

It’s cold and chilly and you are counting on your heating system to keep you and your loved ones warm, then all of a sudden no heat comes from your cherished system. That is a possible scenario if the pilot box or ignition system malfunctions during winter. To avoid this, employ the services of a professional to check on the condition of these components and do any repairs or replacements before winter comes.

#2 Cycling heat

If not well taken care of, your furnace might end up clicking on and off during a crucial winter time when you need to be extremely consistent. A clogged filter or blower is the most common cause of this occurrence. Take proactive steps to avoid this by ensuring your filter or blower is clean before winter sets in. In a case where the condition of the filter calls for a replacement, do not hesitate; save yourself the agony of doing it later. A faulty thermostat can also be the reason behind this kind of malfunction. To be on the safe side, call in heating experts to inspect your furnace now and resolve or prevent any issue of unwanted cycling of heat.

#3 Seal any leaks in your house

When winter comes you want each room in your home to have even and consistent temperatures regardless of where they reside in your home. Watch out for drafty doors, leaking windows or damaged insulation in each individual room. These areas of the house can be a source of unwanted heat loss. Fix such areas now and save yourself and loved ones the agony of inconsistent heating in your house.

#4 Balance the airflow in your home

If the airflow in your house is not balanced, this will lead to inconsistent temperatures in the affected rooms. Take action now before these imbalances lead to discomfort and major energy loss.

#5 Take precautions on Carbon monoxide emissions

This gas is one of the emissions that come from your furnace. The gas is dangerous and can lead to death if inhaled in large amounts or for a long time. The problem with this gas is that it is tasteless, colorless and odorless. This makes it very hard to detect making it a potential silent killer. Any cracks on your gas furnace are a potential safety hazard. The first step you should take to prevent the possibility of undetected leakage of this dangerous gas is to install a carbon monoxide detector. For an added precaution, hire the services of a professional to inspect your system for potential leaks as soon as possible.

#6 Ensure that your system is ready for winter

While all of the components of the heating system are vital, it is wise to make sure the air filter and the thermostat are in excellent working condition before winter. In case the parts require repairs or replacement, contact your local Indianapolis HVAC professionals so that when winter arrives, you can have the peace of mind that you and your family deserves.

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