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Air Conditioning Systems: Repair vs. Replace

All across America, homeowners struggle with the problem of replacing or repair their existing air conditioning system. Many think that the cost of a new unit is too high so they feel replacement is best but sometimes replacement can be just as costly if you consider the number of times you are repairing your unit. Below we will list a few factors to consider when debating between repairing and replacing your unit.


  1. AC is more than ten years old. If your air conditioning system is more than ten years old, it is most likely that this unit is not energy efficient. Older models were created at lesser standards than there are today so a new unit will save you money in energy costs.
  2. Frequently repairing your unit. Think about how many times a year you are repairing your unit. If you are continuing to pay for more repairs than your unit has worn out and needs replacing.
  3. High energy bills. It is important to consider how high your energy bills are. If you have lived in your residence for many years, you will be able to compare your energy bills from year to year. Is your unit continuing to raise the amount of your utility bill? If so, then you will need to make a change to lower that bill and save money.
  4. Temperature fluctuation in your rooms. If you have certain rooms in your home that get too hot in the summer time, then your unit is not working or was not installed properly. It is important to recognize these hot spots and consider making a change.
  5. Humidity problems. If your unit was not installed properly, equipment is not operating properly or your unit is undersized, then you may have humidity problems. It is important to have a home evaluation to determine if you are having these problems.
  6. Excessive dust in the home. If you are experiencing excessive duct in your home than you might have a leaking duct problem. This will cause dust and other particles to be distribute throughout your home and can cause health problems as well.
  7. Excessive noise from your unit. If you hear a lot of noise coming from your unit, you may have a problem with your system. This will need to be checked as well.

So as you can see, there are many factors that contribute to deciding if your unit should be repaired or replaced. It is important to consider all of these factors before making the final decision. A trained air conditioning specialist can help you along the way, to make the best decision for your lifestyle.