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The Annual Furnace Exam: Why It’s So Important

The cold season causes homeowners to rely more on their furnaces; unfortunately, few of them understand the importance of annual furnace maintenance. Without this yearly inspection and service, a heating system or furnace can wear itself out quickly or simply stop working. Whatever system one has, it is important not to wait until it breaks down to seek professional help. Annual maintenance is cheap, especially when compared with the cost of a new furnace. Some of the benefits of annual maintenance include:

• Improve Efficiency
Whether a furnace is old or new, performing annual maintenance will improve its efficiency. A furnace contains many parts and components that work together to produce warmth, and each component must be in good shape to maintain the efficiency of the system. During the annual tune-up, the technician checks to make sure that each component is working properly, and fixes or replaces any damaged parts. With improved efficiency, the homeowner enjoys superior comfort and lower utility bills.

• Better Indoor Comfort
Annual maintenance improves the efficiency of the system, which means that it does not have to work extra hard to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. In addition, homeowners do not need to constantly regulate the temperature or push the system to reach a thermostat setting that suits them. Part of the annual maintenance tasks include the calibration of the thermostat to ensure it is working properly and reliably.

• Lower Energy Bills
Modern furnaces have impressive energy efficiency ratings; however, even the most efficient system can suck up energy if not properly maintained. In the hot season when the furnace is inactive, dirt and dust accumulate inside the furnace. This accumulation of dust can wreck havoc on its internal mechanism; therefore, it is important to get an annual tune-up before the cold season begins.

• Protects the Family
A furnace with a dirty or clogged filter can allow mold spores, dust, and other toxic particles into one’s home, thereby endangering the health of the whole family. In addition, a dirty or damaged furnace can leak out carbon monoxide, a particularly deadly gas. A licensed and experienced technician can inspect the furnace and fix any problems that might cause harm.

The ideal time have your annual tune-up is at the end of summer or before the cold weather begins. Call your local HVAC Contractors for heating system and furnace service.