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5 Common Reasons for Commercial Plumbing Service Calls

Commercial buildings have unique plumbing requirements. However, the plumbing problems that can occur aren’t as unique, and can be prevented with a bit of foreknowledge and the help of a commercial emergency plumber. In today’s post, Efficient Systems, Inc. shares the common reasons for commercial plumbing service calls.

How Power Surges in the Summer Can Affect Your HVAC System

A power surge typically occurs when demand for energy increases and causes a brief spike in the flow of electricity. This sudden surge of electricity can be damaging to appliances and devices, including your HVAC system. Furthermore, power surges are usually more common in the summer, when there’s higher electricity demand from appliances like air […]

Is a Humming or Buzzing Sound a Sign of an Electrical Problem?

It’s not uncommon to suddenly hear a low-frequency hum or buzzing noise inside your home. This usually has something to do with your electrical system, and while it’s not a big concern, it can be a sign that your system is having issues. As the trusted emergency plumbing and electric service providers in the area, we […]

Why Should You Schedule an AC Tune-Up This Spring?

The blistering heat of summer is still several months away, but warmer temperatures are something you need to prepare for now. Because you’ll be using your air conditioner or heat pump when summer arrives, you want to make sure it’s in good working condition. Local HVAC contractors recommend scheduling a maintenance check for your home cooling system […]