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Backup Generator Operation Simplified

A backup generator is a sound investment that will  help keep essential systems and appliances running at home when you lose power, whether it’s for several hours or several days. Whether you want something big enough to power your entire house or just keep certain appliances working, it’s imperative to buy one of the most efficient systems on the market.

Backup Generator Operation Simplified

Before shopping around for backup generators, it’s important to first understand how they work. Learn more about them below.

How Does a Generator Produce Electricity?

A generator doesn’t create electricity out of nothing; its internal combustion engine obtains mechanical energy supplied by a fuel, like natural gas or liquid propane, producing electricity as the output.

In other words, its operation depends on your fuel supply. Thus, it’s a good idea to use a generator that’s compatible with a fuel that’s widely available in your area. This way, you can easily replenish your fuel supply to prevent your equipment from running out of juice at those critical times when you need it to produce electric energy.

How Does a Generator Detect an Outage?

A backup generator doesn’t need to be manually turned on. It will begin running on its own the moment your power goes out.

The automatic transfer switch is what makes it all happen. Since a generator is connected to a home’s electrical panel, this device safely disconnects the property from the utility. The equipment begins transferring electricity to the house only after it’s completely off the grid.

What Happens When Power Resumes?

A generator’s automatic transfer switch is likewise responsible for sensing when the service is back on. When municipal power returns, this device will reconnect your house to the grid, ensuring a safe and seamless transition.

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