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The Benefits Of Tankless Water Heater Installation

The tankless water heater is a very different from the standard tank-style water heater. The tank-style held water in the tank and kept it warm whether you were using it or not, while the tankless water heater warms water on demand only, it doesn’t store warm water. When you turn of the hot water at the faucet the tank warms the water you receive. When you turn it off, the tankless water heater stops warming the water.

Tankless water heater installation can be made where ever there is plenty of combustion air. It can be installed where ever the tank-style water heater was formerly placed. Because of its compact size it can fit in many places the tank-style would not be able to fit. Place it in any room, basement, utility room, garage, and attic or place the digital temperature controller on any wall in any room.

Generally, tankless water heaters have a higher EF or efficiency rating making them less costly to operate than tank-style water heaters. Unlike the tank-style, there’s no pilot light that must be lit 24/7. Tankless units use direct ignition to send a spark to the main burner when hot water is needed. Another difference is that tankless burners modulate for maximum efficiency unlike tank-style burners which burn more frequently to maintain a constant temperature. Make sure you buy the proper sized water heater to service your particular home. The sizing is based on how many bathrooms and kitchens your home has. This will insure your hot water needs are met by your newly installed tankless water heater.

Just like the tank-style water heater, a tankless water heater allows you to adjust the temperature of the hot water. You can adjust the temperature by two degrees from 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit and five degrees from 120-140 degrees. This allows you to adjust the set point temperature to the level that suits your household members.

The greatest benefit the tankless water heater offers a homeowner is affordable hot water on demand. Instead of water being held in a reservoir, it is heated when needed, saving a lot of energy and water usage. If you think it’s time you saved some money you would like to consider tankless water heater installation, give us a call for your water heater and plumbing needs.