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Central Heating Maintenance: Top 3 Tips To Keep Your Unit In Check

Taking care of your central heating maintenance is easier than you might think. Maintenance on your unit is critical to keeping your home comfortable and cozy no matter what temperatures are going on outside. There are several things you can do yourself instead of calling a technician. These three tips can help you to maintain your unit on your own and keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Filters Filters in your central heating system are critical to it running smoothly. When a filter is clogged and dirty your heating system will have trouble getting sufficient air to heat the home. It will cause the heating system to have more strain on it as it is trying to heat the home while fighting through dust, dirt and debris in the filters. Be sure you change out the filters each month or clean them if they are reusable filters. There are some filters that will last up to 90 days so you can change it every three months if that works out better for you. Just be sure you have the right filter in your home. It can really mean the difference in your unit working right or not.

Clean The Outside Unit

When you have a central heating unit you need to make sure the debris and dirt around the outside unit is cleaned away. This is simple to do and can easily help your unit work better. When there are leaves falling and storms that come around can blow limbs, leaves and dirt all around your outside unit. These must be cleaned away regularly so your unit can get the air it needs. It shouldn’t take long if you keep up with it regularly. Make sure if you are outside you walk by and check to insure nothing is growing into the unit or that there’s no debris around it.

Keep Vents Clear Make sure when you are going around your home to insure that all vents are clear and unblocked. If you have vents that are blocked it will cause the heater to work harder at getting it at the right temperature. Keep vents opened and free of debris to help your unit work easier and more efficiently.

These are just a few tips you can do around the home to keep your central heating system running as it should. If you notice problems with the unit then you may need to call your technician to check it out for you.