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Best Bathroom Updates Under $50

Many see their bathrooms as spots to escape and unwind. If you appreciate investing energy absorbing your tub, or you jump at the chance to prepare each morning in an excellent shower space, refreshing your bathroom with relative consistency is vital. While most Carmel budgets may not allow for a complete remodel, some cheap bathroom updates can have a unique effect.

Cheap bathroom updates under $50

1. A new layer of Paint – Cover your painted dividers with a crisp layer of paint to change the look – and the shade – of your morning & nighttime oasis. Select a color shading that can boldly complement your current motif to bring an effective pop into your bathroom.

2. Rack Replacement – Replace your current towel racks and bathroom tissue holder to patch up the look of your space. Select frames in a metallic shade that suites your style, for example, brushed silver racks for a modern and natural washroom or oiled bronze ones for a lavatory with old-world appeal.

3. New Mirror – Replacing a mirror is one of the simplest changes you can make, and yet it can have a profound impact on the space. Give your vanity a needed upgrade and enhance the size of your bathroom with a larger mirror.

4. Refreshing Lighting – Lighting can get costly, leading many to accept their older fixture in their homes. However, if you can get thrifty, a new light fixture will literally change the way that you see yourself and your bathroom each use.

5. Shower Curtain – Your shower is a common element inside your space. Just like window curtains, a shower curtain can complete a space. Affordable, yet decorative, curtains can be found in nearly all homegoods stores. Choose one that can completely refresh your bathroom in one easy step.

6. Included Storage Space – A washroom that is jumbled will fundamentally look more confined. Empower yourself to eliminate the messiness by adding some storage room to your restroom. Maximize your floor space by purchasing floating shelves, cabinets or a storage unit built to fit around your toilet. When you do, you can use this space to store necessities that you wouldn’t want others to see or that can clutter your space.

7. Replace Accessories – The extras that fill your shower space can easily fall victim to the humidity that builds in bathrooms and develop rust. You can change the appearance of your shower space by swapping out dated storage caddies with sleeker storage options.

Creating a beautiful and comfortable home can be a singe when you get creative with your budget. Once you create a space that looks like home, make sure that it also feels like home by maintaining your home’s HVAC system. If you want the peace of mind that your home is going to stay comfortable throughout the summer season, feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable and capable HVAC technicians in Indianapolis to schedule an inspection of your system and perform any maintenance that is necessary.