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Consumers Digest® Best Buy

Just recently, the Consumers Digest® Best Buy list has included four specific names of Carrier® products. This achievement shows an incomparable commitment of Carrier when it comes to creating innovative products that have become and are still leaders in the market.

The highly respected publication has most specifically named the Carrier Performance™ Boost 80 gas furnaces as one of the four items, which have received an honor. Also included in the valued list are the Infinity® 19 heat pump, the Infinity that includes Greenspeed heat pumps and the Infinity 16.

Generally, less than 3% of the total number of competing models per category have received the award for the highly distinguished Best Buy title.

Carrier® takes pride with the Boost 80 gas furnace merit of excellence as it showcases the incomparable performance and distinctive consumer warranty. These are the main reasons why the product has become an eye-catching item for the honorable body.

Coming from the Consumers Digest® itself, the Boost 80 has gained honorable distinction repeatedly because of the unbelievable combination of the warranty and its excellence when it comes to performance, considering the price range as well.

Another point that the awarding body has highlighted is the product’s unrivaled set of features, knowing that the series is in line with economy models in the industry. The product is a winner because of its blower that has an electronic commutated motor. This feature enables the efficient performance of the product, which runs more quietly than other models using the standard set of blower.

The Carrier Infinity 19 Heat Pump claimed the award owing to its innovative technology for sound reduction and its overall reliability as a product. This is evidenced by the Awarding body’s statement saying that reliability and quiet operation of the series is unmatched by any other model in the midrange series.

This celebration of excellence is another achievement that Carrier is highly proud of. These products belong to the most important consumer categories and we are proud of this accomplishment.

Carrier is on its way to update advertising literature to make sure that these Best Buy Carrier HVAC Products will get proper marketing visibility for the consumers to benefit from.

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