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What Is The Difference Between Manual And Electronic Thermostat Controls?

Many people think that all thermostat controls are the same. Manual and electronic thermostats may have similarities, but they have their own pros and cons, as well as functions. If you haven’t checked out the various thermostats in the market that you can use for your HVAC system, here is an article that can help you understand them better.

What are manual thermostats?

Most people refer to manual thermostats as mercury units. These thermostats can now be seen only in few old buildings, as they can’t do most of the things that can be done with electronic or programmable thermostats. Manual thermostats can let people know the temperature in a room through thermometer-like units that contain mercury. The accuracy of these thermostats is not as good as electronic controllers and they can be a pain because the cooler and heaters need to be adjusted manually when temperatures rise and fall.

What are electronic thermostats and why do people prefer them over manual thermostat controls?

Most electronic thermostats today are programmable. This allows users to set their desired temperatures so they don’t have to adjust their HVAC system settings frequently. Electronic thermostats are highly praised because users don’t have to change the hotness or coldness manually and they can get more energy savings in the long run. As electronic controllers gauge temperature automatically, heaters and coolers don’t need ample amounts of fresh electricity. Today, there are many brands of electronic thermostats in the market and they can be synced easily to HVAC systems.

There are lots of benefits that electronic thermostats can bring. Apart from energy savings, they provide comfort to users because the temperature remains constant. On the other note, it is vital to keep in mind that thermostats should be programmed properly. If you are having troubles controlling your thermostat, make sure that you read the manual carefully or contact experts to help you out. You can definitely call us to learn more about home thermostats or to install a new programmable thermostat today. As experts walk you through, you will never have to worry about mishandling your controller and HVAC system again.