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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing Issues?

No homeowner ever wants to experience plumbing problems in their home. After all, not only will such issues make a mess of things, they can also be costly to repair. Luckily, this is where your homeowners insurance comes in, as there are many instances of plumbing problems around your home that are usually covered by a homeowners insurance policy.


In this post, the plumbing and furnace repair pros from Efficient Systems reveal how homeowners insurance will cover almost any plumbing issues that your home may experience.


Plumbing Problems That are Covered by Homeowners Insurance


There are certain clauses in your homeowners insurance policy that provide for coverage of any plumbing issues you may face. For instance, when a pipe suddenly bursts and it can’t be attributed to a lack of maintenance, it will always be covered by your insurance policy. In addition, any damages around your home caused by your water heater will also be covered by your insurance policy. 


While there are some instances where your homeowners insurance policy will cover your plumbing problems, there are other occasions when someone else’s insurance will cover any damage your home sustains. One example is if your plumber incorrectly installs or repairs the plumbing around your home; should this happen, their insurance policy is the one that’ll reimburse you for the damage if they’re held liable. If your home sustains water damage due to your neighbors’ faulty plumbing, on the other hand, their homeowners insurance company should reimburse you for the damages.


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Plumbing Issues That Aren’t Covered by Homeowners Insurance


If your home has ever faced plumbing issues, there are some things that won’t be covered by homeowners insurance, such as those caused by maintenance neglect. This is because, as the homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep your plumbing maintained and up-to-date, meaning that failure to do so can lead to your homeowners insurance claim being denied by your provider.


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