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Ductless Split Systems Maintenance Tips

Ductless split systems make a good choice for both home and office as these units provide excellent heating and cooling effect. Other factors which also prove this type to be an ideal alternative to standard window ACs are easy installation, energy efficiency and greater zoning control. If these systems are well maintained, you can expect to enjoy their services for approximately 12 – 15 years. Therefore, do take a good care of this unit by subscribing to some light maintenance services. There are certain things which you can check or get inspected from time to time so that your system gives you easy service. These are discussed below. Keep the air filters clean: The air filters found in the air handlers of these units need to be checked once or twice every month. Clean filters are important because they can forestall freeze-ups, better the quality of the indoor air and make the unit energy efficient. Keep a watch over the exterior coil: Make sure to remove debris or accumulation of unwanted elements such as grass, weeds and leaves on the exterior coil from time to time in order to allow your unit to operate smoothly. You can use garden hose to clean it. Watch out the indoor unit: Clean dust with warm water and use any soft piece of cloth to dry the indoor unit. This is important in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the unit. Replace carbon filters: Change carbon filters at regular intervals to facilitate quality airflow. These filters need to be replaced once in three months. Make a note of runoff: It is important to check if your unit is draining rightly. For this, you need to look for the instances of overflow or leakage within the unit. You can do this once every month. Contact any Licensed HVAC contractor for annual servicing: It will be great to hire professional maintenance services for your heating and cooling system. Regular maintenance services ensure the longevity of your unit. In addition, if the unit is well maintained, its energy efficiency and performance will also improve. You can hire these services either by making a call to the contractors as and when need arises or obtaining an annual contract. The last option is desirable as it is cost-effective and guarantees you technical support whenever required. However make sure that the professional checks several points of your unit such as electrical connection, moving mechanical components and refrigerant levels.