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Financing Can Ease the Stress of HVAC Replacement

Replacing a heating and cooling system is a major and often unexpected expense. Much of the time, replacing an HVAC system is also time-sensitive—going weeks and months without a heater in the winter or an air conditioner in the summer can be extremely uncomfortable, and even dangerous for the elderly and for children. Since heating and cooling systems failures are often unforeseen—and even when they’re not—many families do not have the ready cash to pay for a new system outright. Others have the money but are hesitant to spend such a large sum of money at once and deplete what may be an emergency fund or vacation fund. In these situations, financing your new HVAC equipment can be a good solution, allowing you to divide the payments into affordable installments and pay your system off over time.

Energy Savings Can Help With Payments

Many homeowners find that financing their new heating and cooling system into affordable monthly payments is made even more manageable by the monthly savings they see on their energy bill. Failed heating and cooling systems are often quite old and energy inefficient. Systems manufactured more than a decade ago were less efficient than today’s systems even when they were brand new, and wear and tear has almost certainly reduced their performance even further. As a result, a brand new HVAC system is almost certainly going to be more efficient than the system it replaces. Premium systems with SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings as high as 19 and 20, are going to be much more efficient. The more efficient a system is, the less it will cost for that system to heat and cool your home. About 40 percent of our total energy expenditures go to heating and cooling, so reducing these costs can mean a significant savings on our overall energy bills. This savings will help to offset the monthly payments for your new system, and the best part is that the savings will continue long after your HVAC system has been paid off!

Financing Offers Flexibility and Affordability

At Efficient Systems, our easy financing plans offer low, flexible monthly payments and reasonable interest rates. We will work out payment terms that are affordable for you so that you can enjoy the comfort of your new HVAC system without sweating the cost. Purchasing a new system can be stressful, but financing can help to make a difficult situation more manageable. Thank you for reading! Please follow our blog for more information about heating and cooling, or contact us for advice about HVAC replacements and financing.