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Home Cooling Myths You Need To Know

A lot of people are today very serious about increasing energy efficiency in their homes and reducing their overall carbon foot print.  However in these efforts, a lot of misconceptions about how your AC system works and how it should be have come up. These myths are very popular and it is important to clarify them and ensure you are getting the right information as far as your AC system goes. Here are some of the common air conditioning myths that you should be aware off:

AC Systems Do Not Generate Fresh Air

Contrary to what most people think, AC systems do not generate fresh air. The primary function of the AC system is to refrigerate the air and cool it to a temperature that the homeowner wants. The AC system has a special liquid called a refrigerant that is contained in a system of closed coils.  The system then takes in the air in your room and cools it while pushing the heat outside. The air which is condensed is actually from within your room and not outside.

Keeping the AC on Does Not Save You Energy

A lot of people also tend to think that keeping their AC system on the whole day saves energy. However, it is important to remember that when the AC is turned off it uses no energy at all and it will be best to turn it on when it’s needed. After all, if you are not at home, there is no need to have the AC on since these will simply waste energy. The best way to conserve electricity in your home and reduce the overall AC bills is to properly insulate your home. You can do this by using insulated windows or simply buy and install heavy drapes.

The myths about AC systems are very common and while they may look believable at first, the truth is they are not. Maintaining the efficiency of your AC system is easy as long as there is proper maintenance. In case you need more information on AC systems, feel free to follow our blogs for additional interesting articles: //