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How Gas Furnaces Work

A gas furnace is a heating system that many home owners use in their home. A gas furnace is easy to have installed, operate and to maintain. A gas furnace can heat the entire home and last for many years. It is important for home owners to be able to understand how a gas furnace works so they can determine if their unit is experiencing problems or issues with their unit. Below we will explain how a gas furnace works in the home.

Overall Functionality

A gas furnace operates relatively easy. The unit uses forced air to heat the entire home. The cool air is sucked into the unit from the outside of the home and then heated by a flame direct application. The hot air is then blown through the duct work system to all rooms of the home. The unit works very smoothly and allows home owners to have a warm and comfortable home.

Heat Exchange/Air Intake

A gas furnace begins the heating cycle when the thermostat setting senses that the temperature of the home has dropped below the setting. The thermostat will trigger the inducer fan and this portion of the unit will pull air through the heating chamber. A valve will open and this will allow the gas to move to the burners. The flame of the unit will then spark and the gas will be ignited. This will then heat up the surrounding air. The blower motor of the unit will then begin operating and the blower will push the warm air out as the cold air is pulled through the return ducts.


When the cold air is approaching the furnace, the filtering system will clean the dust and particles from the air. The air filters are made in different sizes to reach the needs of the unit and should be changed to keep the unit free from these particles. The air is cleaned and then distributed through the home via the duct work system. The distribution system will vary depending on the home and unit used. Some installations have adjustable valves which can be adjusted by hand so that the output of warm air can be balanced throughout the home.

Affordable Operation

This type of unit can be operated affordably so the home owner can have lower utility bills. Home owners can use this type of unit as newer models can provide better energy efficiency which will lower the cost of operation. Home owners will be able to have lower energy bills, which mean less money spent to heat the home!

Professional Advice

To find out more, simply contact a local HVAC provider so you can find out more about this type of unit. A professional can help you determine if you can use this type of unit in your home.