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How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps are a popular choice for home owners to heat their homes comfortably. The option is easy to install, use and maintain and can be energy efficient as well. Heat pump’s operate very simply but many home owners do not understand exactly how the unit’s work. Below is a simple description on how heat pumps work so you can have a better understanding of the heating system.

Comfort Options

A heat pump may have the word heat in its name but it also handles cooling operations. A heat pump is constructed to offer both heating and cooling options. The heat pump will work one way to provide heat and then the opposite way to create cool air in the home.

There are many components in the makeup of a heat pump, but only five major parts, which are described below:


The compressor is the component which increases the pressure of the refrigerant in the system so the unit will take in the maximum amount of heat it can from the air.


The condenser is a coil system which will move heat to the outside or move heat from the outside to then send the air to be converted to the opposite temperature type.


An evaporator is another type of coil system which will move heat but this option moves the air from inside the home. The evaporator coil will move the heat to the home or from the home depending on the heat pump setting.

Air Handler

The air handler of the heat pump is a fan that will blow the air through the ducts to the rooms in the home. This is an important part of the system because it is how the air moves to the home for each season.

Reversing Valve

The reversing valve is the portion of the unit which will change the heat pump to offer either air conditioning or heating. This portion of the unit is not part of the thermostat but built on to the unit.

These are just a few of the components of a heat pump which work together to heat and cool the home. A heat pump is easy to understand once you have a basic knowledge of the working parts. A technician can better explain how a heat pump works and how home owners can benefit from an installation.

Home owners who are interested in installing this option in their home should contact their local heating provider today. A simple inspection of the home will determine if the unit type will work best to heat your home. Once you have made the decision to install a new unit, the technicians can begin the work and pretty soon you will be enjoying comfort in your home year round!