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How Much Damage Can Snow & Ice Do to Your HVAC System?

With Indianapolis averaging about 22 inches of snow every year, Hoosiers know very well the problems winter can bring. Winter storms can be disruptive to your electrical system, forcing you to contact your local 24-hour electrical service for a quick repair. For HVAC systems, the snow and ice pose a different set of challenges. 

HVAC System

Any system with an outdoor unit can be damaged by freezing temperatures. As the peak of winter approaches, it’s important to remember and prepare for the potential HVAC problems that come with it. Here are a few tips from our experts at Efficient Systems, Inc. on how to protect your heating and air conditioning against the ice and snow.

Heat Pump Troubles

Outdoor units are designed to be, well, outdoors. This means they can withstand a fair amount of abuse from Mother Nature. They’re often waterproof, which means you don’t have to call an electrician worrying about shorting out your outdoor heat pump. Unfortunately, snow is different from rain in that it doesn’t evaporate. Instead, it builds up, and it’s this buildup that can suffocate the intake of your heat pump and greatly minimize its performance.

Centralized Air Conditioning

Centralized air conditioning systems also have an outdoor unit that can be affected by winter weather. Even when it’s turned off, ice buildup can still wreak havoc on the condenser coils inside the outdoor unit. These coils are usually made from thin metal, which can deform when moisture freezes, melts and freezes again. Falling icicles can also physically damage the outer shell of the unit, causing problems that may not be uncovered until spring.

Preventing Ice & Snow Damage

Before the season begins, get all your inspections, water heater repairs, tune-ups and regular maintenance completed. For heat pumps, it’s important to make sure that its defrost cycle has no problems. Avoid covering up the outdoor unit and make sure you shovel snow away frequently to minimize problems with icing.

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