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How Often Air Filter Need To Be Replaced

The purpose of having air conditioning units in homes as well as commercial buildings is to have a comfortable climate and also to provide the residents and the other occupants with fresh and pure air. It is a known fact that pollutants and contaminants are abundantly present in the air. If people breathe such dirty air, they may be affected by all types of health issues. That is precisely the reason for having filters on air conditioners. They can suitably filter the air of pollutants and contaminants and supply pure and fresh air to the people who reside or remain in these homes or buildings. If these filters accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, the air that is supplied by the air conditioners will also be impure. So, it becomes imperative to change the filters periodically so as to protect everybody from the hazards of impure air. But, in addition to making fresh air available to everyone, filters bestow a lot of other benefits also. So, we can not ignore replacing them as and when necessary. If filters are not in good condition, the evaporator coils and the part that exchanges heat and that is called a “heat exchanger” may not be clean. No one will deny the fact that these parts play a vital role in the functioning of an air conditioner. If they are not doing their tasks efficiently, the air conditioning units will not function to the level they should. Though these two parts are in the interior of an air conditioning unit, if the filters are unclean, they will pass on the dust and dirt to them. If the evaporator’s fins get dirty, it may then lead to major problems in the air conditioning unit. It is true that we may not immediately know the effects of dust on the evaporator coils. It may even take many months for us to know the effects. But, the efficiency of the air conditioner may gradually be coming down and the flow of air may slowly be getting restricted. There can be another problem due to heavy accumulation of dust in the air filters. Ice build-up may be there. So, replacement of filters is a very important maintenance task to prevent these problems from occurring. There can be many other secondary problems if the aspect of timely replacement of filters is ignored. The major problem is that the health of the residents and the occupants of the buildings will be affected due to the impure air let out by the air conditioning system. So, it is necessary to inspect the filters as often as possible. Many air conditioning experts suggest that if filters are replaced every month, the air conditioner will function smoothly and its lifespan will also be extended.