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How to Lower Your Electric Bill During Summer

In the summer, high electric bills are the norm. However, there are ways to keep more dollars in your pocket during the warmest months. To keep your costs for home comfort to a minimum, even when your AC has to work long hours during the muggiest months, use these tips:

How to Lower Your Electric Bill During Summer

Practice Preventive AC Maintenance

First of all, get your HVAC system professionally inspected before summer arrives to identify issues early, and address potential inefficiencies accordingly. Timely air conditioner repair services matter to ensure your cooling equipment performs optimally when you need it the most.

Invest in Programmable Thermostats

If your thermostats still operate on manual controls, the upcoming summer is a great opportunity to switch to programmable thermostats. Unlike traditional devices, they let you adjust the temperature of your rooms at different times in advance. In turn, programmable thermostats regulate temperatures and maintain consistent comfort night and day.

Advanced AC temperature settings allow you to avoid hot and cold spots in different parts of your home. Since you can schedule the performance of your air conditioner ahead, you can manipulate its operation based on your family’s routine and lifestyle. In terms of remote access, Wi-Fi thermostats are controllable via electronic devices, like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Most importantly, having advanced thermostats can delay the need for HVAC upgrades. If your aging air conditioner is struggling to work efficiently, equipping it with programmable controls can optimize its performance significantly. Instead of buying a replacement, you can even get more years from your old AC.

Reduce Sources of Heat

The intense heat from the sun is inescapable, but there are ways to reduce it. In addition to improving your air conditioner’s performance, upgrade your home with a complete thermal enclosure system. Adequate insulation and high-performance window systems are two of its building blocks.

Investing in energy-efficient lights, such as LEDs and CFLs, will keep your home cooler. Most of the electricity used by traditional bulbs actually goes to waste and turns into heat.

Schedule a Necessary Air Conditioner Repair Before the Peak of Summer

If your AC has been making weird noises, let Efficient Systems, Inc. diagnose its problems and perform the air conditioner repair it needs. Our impressive credentials show that we’re the best in town when it comes to HVAC maintenance and replacement. Providing excellent AC solutions since 1993, we’ll strive to lower your energy costs year round. Call us now for more information at (317) 759-5562.