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Increase Energy Efficiency, Improve Finances

When the entire matter is boiled down to its essential parts, any advance energy efficiency will save the American people lots of money. There are investments to be made and risks to take at first, but in the end a healthier environment will reduce taxes and improve quality of life. Hospitals will notice fewer patients with lung ailments for a start. Pollution will do less damage to wildlife and natural features, so that people want to get more active and tourists want to visit.

Today’s Action

What is the American government doing to promote environmental issues and improve on efforts to save the planet? Citizens generally say their federal bodies do too little. Actually, governors might have more to be proud of than the president.

A recent document published by the National Governors Association highlights activities by governors individually, in groups, and in partnership with other bodies to address the problem of energy consumption. The document indicates that governors lead the way for their country. They realize that if consumers increase energy efficiency, they will save money and do their country a world of good. This has prompted planning sessions, investigations of current standards and practices, and commitments towards improvement residentially and commercially.

At the Root

To achieve their goals, governors are talking to utility providers about how they can make it less costly to harness and provide energy such as gas and electricity. Newly efficient methods will help consumers lower their energy costs as the lower price of production is transferred to customers. Running a home or a business will become cheaper, especially if companies and individuals invest in efficient equipment and insulation.


Governors are also concerned about improving energy efficiency rules and standards. It is much easier to lock industries into agreements when the regulations are in writing, where the public can see it. Newly published rules and a list of governors’ measures to improve efficiency are available at // Potential penalties for ignoring rules to install measures which increase efficiency could be invoked, but most importantly, non-compliant businesses will have their environmentally conscious customers to answer to.

Tomorrow’s Technology

Not resting on their laurels, U.S. governors continue to look for new methods and ideas which will lessen people’s use of utilities. No one will stop needing heat or air conditioning as per the season and the region where they live, but they could find that new technology makes them more self-sufficient. Moreover, improvements in information technology will improve the economic realities of commercial consumers.

Improvements will come from university professors, students, and inventors. States work with all of these individuals to promote further study and offer financial support where necessary. In particular, arrangements are made to “encourage private sector investment” in measures to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency.