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Is a Humming or Buzzing Sound a Sign of an Electrical Problem?

It’s not uncommon to suddenly hear a low-frequency hum or buzzing noise inside your home. This usually has something to do with your electrical system, and while it’s not a big concern, it can be a sign that your system is having issues. As the trusted emergency plumbing and electric service providers in the area, we know what these strange sounds mean. 

Is a Humming or Buzzing Sound a Sign of an Electrical Problem?

Mains hum. A humming or buzzing sound coming from your appliances or electronic devices is called a mains hum. You’ve probably heard it when your refrigerator cycles on or when you walk near an electrical transformer. The humming occurs at 60 hertz, which is the alternate current line’s standard power here in this country. The buzzing sound, however, occurs at frequencies reaching up to 180 hertz. It might be annoying, but it’s not necessarily dangerous. 

Wiring issues. Buzzing or humming sounds can come from your home’s electrical wiring. However, they may be the result of a wide range of issues that could require the expertise of a plumbing services contractor, as well. The wires could be improperly grounded or be carrying improper loads. The sound may also be produced when a wire rated for 120 volts carries excess electricity. It’s never advisable to fix this issue on your own, especially if you aren’t familiar with wiring.

Circuit breaker problems. Buzzing in your home’s electrical system may also be caused by problems with your circuit breaker. Due to a current overload, it could be conducting too much electricity and not shutting off automatically. If the sound coming from it is unusually loud and can be heard from a few feet away, this indicates a major problem that must be addressed quickly, which means you should call a licensed electrician right away.

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