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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an AC

Buying an air conditioner is one thing, but choosing the right unit is another. Honest heating and air conditioning companies will tell you that not all cooling systems would make sense for your unique needs. With many great products on the market, it’s easy to pick the wrong one.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an AC

Here are the main factors to consider to narrow your best options:

Home Square Footage

First of all, let’s get the biggest misconception about air conditioners out of the way: the larger unit is always better. It may hold true that you can cool rooms faster with big equipment, however, an overly large one will not be energy-efficient and is even more prone to damage.

An oversized unit will run on short cycles, which causes it to start and stop intermittently. In turn, it’s susceptible to electric control failure. On the other hand, an undersized air conditioner will be forced to operate continuously just to reach and maintain your desired indoor climate. Expect the same results; there will be a higher likelihood of product failure and energy inefficiency.

Instead, think about your room size to buy the equipment with the optimum BTU. When the size of the unit is apt to space it would serve, it would do its job properly without wasting electricity.

Heat Source

The ability of your AC to maintain a desirable air temperature for your space depends on the prevalent sources of heat. Rooms with many windows tend to warm up quickly because of the sun’s infrared light. Your use of old-fashioned, artificial lights and other heat-generating appliances is another important consideration when buying a cooling system.

Unit Style

Air conditioners come in different shapes and configurations to suit unique space designs. Most of them are fixed, while others are meant to be portable. Beyond your aesthetic preference, keep your home’s space constraints, cooling needs per room, and lifestyle in mind to decide on the right air conditioner type.

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