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Need a New AC Installation? Remember to Consider High Efficiency Units

Home HVAC units are a serious energy user in most climates. In the warmer climates, it can make up 60 percent of your entire energy bill. If your system is 10 years or older, chances are you are ready for an upgrade. AC units are rated by SEER which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is similar to the car’s MPG rating. The higher the rating, the less power it uses and the more energy efficient it is.

High efficiency AC units have SEER ratings of 16 to 23. They average cost begins at $3,500. It will cost more for a high efficiency unit initially, however you will save money down the road on energy bills. It is better for our environment to use less energy and if you live in a place with extreme climate conditions and high energy costs, it is necessary. These systems instead of using R-22 refrigerant use R-410A eco-friendly coolant instead.

Tips for Choosing the Most Energy Efficient Unit

To get the best deal on AC units, there are certain tips you need to follow. These tips are discussed below.

EER Rating: As you are shopping around for AC systems, be sure to look at the EER or Energy Efficiency Rating. This rating should be 11.6 or higher. EER points out the high temperature efficiency and thermal expansion valve of the unit. If the unit as a decent EER rating, it will operate more efficiently in the hot weather. SEER ratings are another thing to look at in air conditioners. It means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.

Components: Check to see if the AC system is fitted with an automatic delay fan switch and variable speed air handler. Proper air circulation and less energy consumption are facilitated with a variable speed handler. With the automatic-delay fan switch, the fan stops working after a bit, when the compressor is not running. Because of this, the cool air that remains is circulated on the indoor coil prior to the fan stopping. Also, check and determine if the AC unit has a check filter light setting. This feature was added to systems to allow you to check the system’s filter once the designated functioning hours are through.

High Efficiency AC Units

* GOODMAN SSX160361 – Up to 16 SEER Performance R-410A Refrigerant

* Bryant Split System – Up to 20 SEER, Sound as low as 68 dB
Humidity control is superior, and air quality is improved.

Cost Effectiveness

People are changing in their older models for new ones that have the energy star seal. These types of systems are a bit pricier, but they will save you a great deal in the long run. You will be able to save money on your energy bill once you begin using an AC system that is eco-friendly. Proper building insulation has an effect on the AC’s energy efficiency. If the cooled air is escaping through the windows and gaps in the wall, the system will need to work much harder and for a longer period of time to reach the desired, comfortable room temperature.