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Packaged HVAC: What You Need to Know

A person’s home is his or her castle, and that castle should be comfortable at all times. A big part of that comfort lies in the property’s temperature. Your house should never be too hot or too cold, so you need the best HVAC system for your particular needs. Currently, more homeowners are turning to packaged systems to ensure their spaces are energy efficient and always the perfect temperature.

packaged hvac

What Is An HVAC Packaged System?

Simply put, a packaged system is a small, all-in-one heating and cooling unit. Any home can use these, but they’re ideal for homes that don’t have space for a huge furnace or air conditioner. Even if your property does have the space for these machines, a packaged system is often more practical than separate systems for the furnace and air conditioning.

Packaged systems are outdoor units, which frees indoor space for more important items like furniture, fixtures, or décor. They’re placed either to the side of your home or on the roof and are usually easy to install. Individual packaged units come with specific parts; for example, a gas/electric system might come with both a gas furnace and an air conditioner plus a coil.

What Type of Package Do I Need?

Specific packaged units are designed for specific home types. When choosing your packaged unit, consider factors such as the climate where you live, how energy efficient you want your unit to be, and what kind of fuel you’d like to use. For example, a packaged air conditioner or heat pump may be better if you live in an area with mild winters. If winters are harsh where you live, you might invest in a dual-fuel system.

How Each System Works

•    Dual fuel system. This system works in conjunction with your heat pump, turning on your gas furnace when winter temperatures get below a certain point. When temperatures warm up again, the furnace gets turned off. Overall, this saves plenty of gas, potentially reducing your energy bills. It may also reduce the possibility of gas pollution since extra gas doesn’t get siphoned back into the air.

•    Packaged air conditioners. Although these are meant to cool the air inside your home, you can add heat strips to them. All parts and components come in a single unit. Packaged air conditioners are made up of a compressor unit and indoor coil. The unit removes heat and moisture from your house while blowing warm air over the coil, thereby cooling it.

•    Packaged heat pumps. Packaged heat pumps contain pumps and air handlers. They’re completely electric, unlike a dual system that uses both electricity and gas. They’re best for homes with mild winters, partially because they use more electricity than a dual system.

Benefits Of Packaged Systems

One of the biggest benefits of a packaged unit is its energy efficiency. The option to use gas, electricity, or a combination of the two gives you more control over how much energy your HVAC system will use and how big your environmental footprint will be. Additionally, packaged units are known to filter indoor air well. This improves indoor air quality and reduces your chances of asthma and allergy attacks or other illnesses.

If you’d like to learn more about packaged systems or you need help choosing one, visit us or contact us online or via phone. We’ll give you a thorough consultation and help you choose the best HVAC system for your home.