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Protect Your Home With Home Utility Maintenance

Many homeowners do not realize how much damage the cold weather can do to their home’s pipes and HVAC equipment until it is too late. Unfortunately, with the changing temperatures, pipes expand and contract, which can lead to ruptures and leaks. Additionally, when temperatures hit freezing or below, water in your home’s pipes can freeze, leading to pressure from the expanding water. Eventually this pressure can become so great that you could be facing burst or leaking pipes. Once the damage is done it is imperative that it be repaired as soon as possible. Burst pipes can cause extensive water damage and high repair bills if not repaired in a timely manner.

While it is definitely important to take care of broken or leaking pipes as quickly as possible, many homeowners never even know they have a problem until the damage has become quite extensive. By this time they are facing high repair bills on top of having to get broken pipes fixed. Unfortunately, pipes hidden in walls can leak for some time before the problem becomes noticeable; however, with professional home utility maintenance an experienced HVAC contractor will be able to determine if there is a problem. HVAC troubleshooting should be a routine part of maintaining your home’s HVAC equipment, especially when the seasons change.

With the stress put on your HVAC equipment and pipes during the changing seasons, the need for HVAC repairs is certainly something that should be taken seriously. Leaving problems unattended only leads to further damage, but timely A/C maintenance and repairs can ensure your equipment is ready for another season. Now that winter temperatures are letting up and summer is finally on its way, making sure that your pipes and HVAC equipment are in good condition is essential. Now is the perfect time to schedule your home maintenance inspection.