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Protect Your HVAC System With End Of Season A/C Maintenance

Are you ready for winter? Fall is a great time to prepare for the coming cold weather. Whether you need to complete some home repairs or you want to make sure your A/C maintenance is taken care of before the season ends, a few simple end of summer air conditioning maintenance procedures will go a long way in protecting your equipment.

Your air conditioner needs sufficient air flow in order to operate properly. This means that the air filter should be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis. As air is drawn through the filter, it captures dirt, pollen, pet dander and other airborne contaminants. With time, the filter becomes less efficient because it will no longer allow air to flow through it easily. By replacing your filter now, you will be ready for next season. If your air filter is used by both your air conditioner and heating system, it is important to remember to continue changing the filter every month, even throughout the winter.

Your air conditioner cools your home by removing heat from the air that passes over the inside evaporator coils and fins. However, in the process of removing heat, condensation forms and must be drained to the outdoors. This is a fairly simple process. The water accumulates in a condensate pan, then will automatically drain out through a small drain line. As part of your A/C maintenance, it is important to make sure this line is clear and that the condensate pan is empty. Emptying this pan is important, especially if it is located in an area, such as an uninsulated garage, where it could potentially freeze.

Another area that needs attention during A/C maintenance is the indoor unit. The evaporator coil and fins can accumulate dirt during normal operation. This dirt can inhibit air flow making your air conditioner work less efficiently. Simply wipe the coils and fins gently with a cloth to remove any dirt. The same is true with the outdoor unit. Anything that inhibits the free flow of air will impact the proper functioning of your cooling system. Make sure the unit is clean and that no debris has accumulated in or around the unit.

When you need AC repairs, maintenance or other HVAC service, contact your local HVAC contractor.