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Protect Your Utilities And Appliances From Power Surges

As a homeowner, protecting our home and belongings is a major, and sometimes costly responsibility. Storms can come on suddenly and power surges can happen when homeowners least expect them. Most people are aware that power surges can do damage to computers and other home electronic devices. To protect against this, people purchase power strips and use them for this type of equipment. However, some homeowners are unaware that power surges can do damage to larger appliances and equipment, such as air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. Having to repair or replace these home utility appliances can be very expensive and inconvenient. Homeowners should protect these type of systems against power surges, just as they do computers and other electronics.

Home Power Surge Protection:

External Power Surges
Power surges can happen when an outside force affects the electricity in your home. This can happen from an accident or weather that downs, breaks, or damages a local power line. It can also happen if the power company is working on power lines. Large amounts of electricity sent into the home at one time can damage large and small electrical appliances, either ones that are hard-wired or those that are plugged into electrical outlets in the home. Using surge protection power strips or specialized outlets can help protect against external power surges.

Internal Power Surges
There are also internal power surges that can happen as well. These power surges, although silent, can erode the integrity of your home utilities and appliances. Internal power surges can occur when a large appliance cycles off and sends electricity back out from your home. It is important to also protect your home utilities against this type of power surge as well.

Protect Your Home Utilities
Making sure your home utilities are protected against power surges should be a part of your routine HVAC maintenance. Call your trusted HVAC contractor today to make sure your utilities are protecting against any type of power surge. This will help maintain your investment and you can be assured you are protected should storms or other electrical mishaps or accidents occur.