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A Quick Guide to Purchasing Water Heaters

So You Need a New Water Heater?

A new water heater is a major investment for your home. The type and number of water heaters will depend on several factors such as your home size, number of residents, and usage patterns for the hot water. Not too long ago you only had a couple options for heating water. Today there are a variety of choices and a water heater for each specific need.

What to Look for in a Water Heater

When you are purchasing a water heater, aside from your budget, the most important factor is going to be how you use your hot water. Do you have multiple points of use simultaneously, or is the hot water being used one point at a time? Following that, residence size and number of occupants will further narrow-down what type of water heater you should purchase.

If you have a large residence, with several inhabitants, and multiple points of simultaneous use, there are two main options: the traditional tank water heater and in-line water heaters.

The traditional heaters are a great option if you need a lot of hot water and have multiple points of use. These come in a variety of sizes and can more than handle all of your hot water needs. Their downside is that since they keep a lot of water at a constant temperature, they are not the most energy efficient appliances.

Another option is using in-line water heaters. These heaters are mounted as close to the point of intended use as possible and only heat the water as it passes through the line, saving you a lot of energy. The initial cost of these systems is their main drawback as most residences will require several of them. They can also struggle to meet large-volume demands in times of heavy use.

Other Options

There are a few more options for water heaters such as solar and hybrid systems, but in the Midwest climate these often struggle to provide adequate hot water, especially in winter. However, they are still an option if used in the right way. Solar water heaters are mounted on the roof and use the sun’s energy to heat an antifreeze-like liquid that then transfers heat to the household water. Hybrid systems are similar to the traditional tank water heaters, with the addition of a heat pump on top that pulls in the surrounding air and transfers the ambient heat to the water, cutting back on heating costs.

Ready for a New Heater?

If you’re ready to purchase a new water heater but are still lost or have further questions, we at Efficient Systems would be more than happy to go over the options with you. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!