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Replacing A Furnace? 5 Things To Think About Before You Do

It can be very complex to buy a furnace replacement. The homeowner needs to conduct a great deal of research and find a way to finance this major purchase. Before starting the process, it is vital to learn more about heating equipment and confirm that a furnace genuinely needs to be replaced.

1. Homeowners can benefit from getting the timing right. Do not wait until December 5th to start thinking about repairing or replacing equipment. Keep in mind that some HVAC companies have to schedule service calls weeks in advance. Replacing a residential furnace is generally a one-day project.

2. Look at the statistics on a heating system before buying another one. Examine service records, the original receipt and energy bills. If thermostat settings remain the same but fuel consumption continues to rise, it may be time for a new unit. The same goes if a furnace has exceeded 11 years of age or needs frequent service.

3. Before purchasing a replacement, ask a local HVAC firm to conduct a tuneup. This may ensure that the equipment continues to function until it can be replaced. A maintenance professional can also provide helpful advice. This person may suggest other actions or agree that the system needs to be replaced.

4. Use the manual, paper records and Internet sources to find more information about the existing furnace. Try to determine how much it would cost to fix and if any components are still covered by a warranty. Look for a recall that pertains to the problem; a repair could be available for free.

5. If the furnace definitely needs to be replaced, ask an HVAC professional to visit and evaluate the home. This person can accurately determine what heating system size and type are most appropriate. He or she can also suggest other suitable improvements, such as duct sealing or insulation.

Detailed information, professional advice and thorough investigation will help you make the right choice and avoid heating disruptions. When you are ready for a furnace replacement, tuneup or inspection, please contact our experienced staff. We are always ready to meet all of your household heating and air conditioning needs.