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How To Save Money On Your Cooling Costs This Summer


Summer is no time to take chances with your cooling units. The best way to save money on your cooling needs this summer is, among other ways, to service your unit once per year, program thermostat, clean filters, reduce indoor heating functions (such as oven use) and seal drafts. The above services ensure your cooling equipment functions optimally, sweltering hot temperatures from outside the house are blocked and the cool air (generated by your cooling units) stays inside.

Service your unit regularly

Regular maintenance of your unit, at least one year, detects potential problems with your unit, which, if ignored might develop into large problems that may cause your unit to fail abruptly. Early problem detection, performed by a professional HVAC service provider, can point to the necessary repairs or maintenance needed to keep the unit functioning efficiently. The repairs not only save potential huge cost repairs, later on, but also ensure the unit does not consume more energy, to keep the room cool, than it should. If you ignore your unit, waiting for the time it fails, you could be in for a rude shock if and when your unit breaks down in the middle of summer. Prevent such discomfort by having HVAC experts regularly check your equipment.

Program your thermostat

Most cooling units in the market, now, come with programmable thermostats, and most people have such units in their homes. A programmable thermostat enables you to set when your unit should reduce its functioning or stop altogether, such as when no one is at home, and allows the switch on of your cooling unit when your home is occupied. A programmable thermostat is of no use if you do not set it, for whatever reasons. Set your programmable thermostat so that you can reduce the hours your cooling unit runs, hence save your energy consumption. You can get information on how to set a programmable thermostat on, the government’s Energy Star website.

Clean filters

Dirty and clogged filters not only reduce the cooling efficiency of your unit, but also cause the unit to consume more energy than it usually does trying to keep up with your cooling needs. You should clean your filters regularly, like monthly or once every two months, or change them if they are changeable. In addition to cleaning your unit’s filter, you should ensure that your indoor air does not contain unnecessary pollutants/ debris; refrain from dusting or performing tasks that leave debris in your house.


You can save your energy on cooling needs this summer by having professional HVAC service providers check and repair your cooling unit accordingly. By having your unit checked, you can be guaranteed of energy-efficiency and desired cooling output. You can, also, clean your unit’s filters, program thermostat, seal air leakage points in your home, as well as block external heat sources such as sun from seeping into your home.