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Some Things To Look For From Your AC Maintenance Person 

When you have a maintenance call, or a “check-up” from an air conditioning specialist, you know that it is going to be an important experience for you, because you really don’t know where it’s going to lead. He’s a professional, so you assume he’s going to be thorough, and you really don’t know what he is going to find that might necessitate an expenditure in repairs. 


Don’t worry; we’re not looking to make you that nervous. But we know that you can’t look over the service person’s shoulder every moment while he is performing his maintenance tasks. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you understood what he is doing. It’s just all part of a little education. 


First, you have to realize what you are doing the maintenance for. The goal is to have your AC running efficiently, you want it running to the maximum of its efficiency. And you also want to make sure you’re getting safe operation of the systems. You must understand that there are people who are better than other sin this business. Some of them are very comprehensive in terms of what they do and others aren’t.


You know that someone is on the right track is they are:


  • Using non-toxic cleaners for the condenser outside your home so that you’re going to have more free flow of air through the coils. 
  • Oiling all the motors in your system. The moving parts have to working smoothly. 
  • Checking the functionality of the air blower, air cleaner and humidifier. Also, adjusting your system, if need be, for the proper air flow. 
  • Checking the level of refrigerant, or other refrigerant you may have, and making sure that it is at the right pressure. 
  • Cleaning the drain that comes from the A-coil on the inside of the system, because if the water doesn’t flow right, you’ve got trouble. 
  • Measuring the temperature of the air as it goes past the evaporator. There is an acceptable range for this, and they will know exactly what that is. 
  • Measuring the moisture that your system is removing from your house and taking to the outside. Moisture is not good; you need to control the humidity and keep things comfortable indoors. 

There’s a lot more, but we don’t want to overload you too much. A responsible repair person, from a reputable HVAC contractor, should put your mind a little more at ease.