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Steps To Take To Get Rid Of Drain Flies

Drain flies are disgusting pests. Unfortunately, they’re also pests that are very tough to kill. If you want to learn how to get rid of drain flies, you’ll have to follow a few specific steps. The steps aren’t hard, but they can be time consuming.

Start by tracking down the bugs. You might think you know the source of the infestation, but try to remember that drain flies will breed anywhere that they can find standing water. As a rule, these flies don’t go far from their breeding grounds, so you should be able to track them fairly easily. Look at all of your drains and try to figure out if you can see the flies. If you do, place a strip of tape over the drain. If you see flies caught on the strip over the next few days, you know that you’ve found the right spot.

Once you’ve found the right drain, it’s time to start cleaning. You’ll want to get rid of excess water by using a shop vac and then clean out the drains with warm water. Once you have this done, you will need a snake to get deep in the pipes and scrub out anything that’s attached itself to the sides. Remember, drain flies aren’t the only insects that might make your drains their home – you should take this time to get rid of everything that’s hiding in there. Once you’re done with the cleaning, you can use a simple gel drain cleaner to eliminate any eggs that remain in your drains.

If you get rid of a drain fly breeding pool, you shouldn’t have to worry about the pests again for quite some time. Unfortunately, failure to kill everything in the pool can lead to it returning in short order. As such, you should always keep the supplies around for cleaning your drains just in case. It’s labor intensive, but it’s worthwhile for those who want to get rid of the bugs. Follow us for more information about home needs and your heating and cooling systems if you want to learn more.