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Survive The Summer With Efficient Systems, Inc. Indianapolis

There are few things more uncomfortable and upsetting than having your air conditioning system break down in the midst of a ferocious heatwave. If this has ever happened to you, you will appreciate the importance of regular AC maintenance. Efficient Systems Indianapolis, reached at, are here to provide the upkeep you need, and make sure this disastrous situation never happens to you.

Considering the horrors of an air-con breakdown in midsummer, it’s surprising how many people fail to ensure adequate AC maintenance is carried out on their system. One reason for this may be that air conditioning is really a very durable product, which can withstand all kinds of abuse and tough treatment, and still keep going, and this can cause owners to become far too complacent about the need for servicing. However, AC maintenance by is essential to ensure your unit runs both effectively and efficiently.

One reason why this maintenance is necessary is that air conditioning units are known to lose around 5 percent of their energy efficiency per year, if not maintained. So, for example, the 12 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) system you acquired a few years ago will now be operating like a 9 SEER unit, if you haven’t been maintaining it. On the other hand, an air conditioner can retain 95 percent of its original energy efficiency throughout its lifetime, if regular maintenance by is kept up. This means that you more than recover the cost of AC maintenance, through increased energy efficiency, and savings on your monthly fuel bills.

Another major reason why regular AC maintenance by is so important is that it reduces the chance of the system malfunctioning right in the middle of the summer, when you need it most. You could find the blower motor running constantly, with no cool air coming out, which would indicate a lack of refrigerant in the system, or simply the filters being blocked with dirt and dust. Another possibility is that you could find you have to keep setting the thermostat lower and lower, just to stay comfortable, or just that your energy bills are getting higher and higher, without any extra benefit. You might also encounter signs of leaks from your compressor, either outside or inside, and if your equipment is on the roof, you may not notice till too late.


The best time to schedule your AC maintenance from is in spring, before conditions start to get really hot. The technician from Efficient Systems Indianapolis will check the refrigerant in the system, to ensure it contains the correct amount, and will use a leak detector to test for refrigerant leaks. The technician from will also check the electric terminals, and will clean and tighten the connections. Other servicing jobs can include oiling the motors, checking the belts, and ensuring the maximum energy efficiency.

Like most homeowners nowadays you probably need to economize on costs, so you may decide to carry out your own maintenance, rather than using There are in fact some tasks that you can easily do yourself, such as cleaning and changing filters. However, many aspects of AC maintenance need to be done by professionals from Efficient Systems Indianapolis, as they require the unit to be dismantled. In addition, recharging the refrigerant can only be done by a professional from, as it is crucial that exactly the right product and amount is used.

Like any other kind of complex equipment, air conditioners require regular maintenance from companies such as Efficient Systems Indianapolis. This ensures your energy efficiency is maximized, and that your unit lasts longer and is much less likely to break down at crucial moments. Maintenance from can make all the difference to your enjoyment of a long hot summer.