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How Power Surges in the Summer Can Affect Your HVAC System

A power surge typically occurs when demand for energy increases and causes a brief spike in the flow of electricity. This sudden surge of electricity can be damaging to appliances and devices, including your HVAC system. Furthermore, power surges are usually more common in the summer, when there’s higher electricity demand from appliances like air […]

HVAC Upgrades: Do You Need One?

A properly-functioning HVAC system is crucial to maintaining comfort in your home. With regular maintenance, it can last longer than its suggested lifespan. However, HVAC systems inevitably reach the end of their serviceability. At some point, you’ll have to replace your HVAC system and opt for an upgraded version.  

Top HVAC New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

The new year is just around the corner, and this means it’s time to start thinking about how you can improve different aspects of your life. Whether you are resolving to eat healthier, exercise more, or save more money throughout the year, there is one thing that you may not have included in your New […]