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Why You Should Know Where Your Main Shut-Off Valve Is

Homeowners generally face at least one plumbing emergency in their lifetime–which means it’s crucial that you’re able to reach your main shut-off valve quickly should this occur. After all, the amount of time it takes to shut off the water will spell the difference between a small water spill and a major insurance claim. If […]

Important Electrical Safety Tips for Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are beautiful and can make your home look more festive during the holiday season. However, these decorations need to be handled with care. In today’s post, Efficient Systems, Inc., the number one 24-hour plumber and electrical services provider in our local area, discusses some important holiday electrical safety tips.

What Should I Do If My Basement Floods?

Basement flooding can cause serious damage, up to thousands of dollars. While some floods can’t be anticipated, there are certain steps you can take to manage a flood and protect your home against future floods. Why Basements Flood There are a number of reasons why a basement can flood, from weather conditions to problems with […]