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Technician Tips for an AC that is not cooling

Air conditioners are meant to cool the home and most homeowners take this for granted, until their unit breaks down. One common problem with an air conditioner breakdown is when a unit is not cooling. Below we will list technician tips on how to repair an air conditioner that is not cooling.


One of the main reasons a unit does not cool is because it is dirty. A technician can come and clean your unit if you are not comfortable with the process or you can take the tips below to try and repair your unit on your own.


First off, you will need to turn the power off to the unit. A shut-off button or disconnect button should be located near the outdoor portion of your unit. It is also important to shut off the circuit which can be done from the inside of your home on the electrical panel.


Once the power is completely off, you will need to clean the area of the unit. It is important to keep the unit clear of debris such as leaves, branches and bushes. Take the time to remove any debris on the unit and then trim and remove any debris around the unit as well.


Next you will need to remove the protective grilles of the air conditioner. There is a top grille which covers the compressor which will need to be removed. Sometimes parts of the unit are attached to the grill such as fan so be sure you watch the wires of the unit and do not detach them while removing the grill panel.


After you have removed the grille, you can take a soft brush and clean and dirt and debris that made its way inside the unit. The fins need to be cleaned and you can use a vacuum to do so, just be careful not to damage the unit.


You can also take a hose with a small nozzle and spray debris away from the fins of the unit. This portion can also be lubricated when dry but you may want a technician to perform this portion of repairs. You can then replace the grille and go inside and turn on the unit.


Before turning on the power, turn the thermostat to the off position. After you have turned the power back on, you will be ready to turn the unit to the on position. Let the unit run for a few minutes and hopefully cool air will be streaming through your vents! If not, it is probably time to contact a professional for a full inspection.