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The Dangers of Overloaded Electrical Circuits

You’ve probably already plugged in your holiday lights. Whether you’ve kept it simple or have an elaborate display, make sure you’re keeping things safe by not overloading your home’s electrical circuits. In today’s post, electrical and air conditioner repair company Efficient Systems, Inc. shares the dangers of overloaded electrical circuits.

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Why Do Electrical Circuits Get Overloaded?

A standard electrical circuit is designed to handle a certain amount of electricity. The electricity usage of each device connected to the circuit adds to its total load. That is, the more fixtures and devices you plug in and use, the smaller the headroom for the electrical load becomes. Exceeding the load will trip the circuit breaker and shut off the power to the entire circuit.

Signs of an Impending Electrical Overload

There are certain indicators of an impending electrical overload, which means it’s preventable. You can do this by either turning off or unplugging appliances connected to the same circuit. 

Lights — If you happen to turn on an appliance and the lights dim or flicker, then the circuit is nearing its limit. If someone is performing a task that requires significant power, like when air conditioning or furnace repair is being conducted, make sure that said equipment is plugged into a less-used circuit.

Outlets and switches — Electrical outlets and switches shouldn’t hum or buzz, feel warm to the touch or emit a burning odor. Stop using these outlets and call a local electrician if you notice any of these signs, especially if you see evidence of scorching.

Power tools and appliances — Power tools, appliances and electronics that seem to lack sufficient power or appliances that seem to be struggling to get enough power from the circuit are further indictors of an impending overload.

Frequent electrical overload. If electrical overloads happen often at your house, you need a licensed electrician to update your electrical panel. This will help increase your home’s capacity, which can help prevent further incidents of electrical overload. Appliances that consume a lot of energy, like the HVAC system, usually have their own circuit. Some best practices can also help reduce the likelihood of an overload. For instance, for holiday decorations, use a power strip with its own circuit breaker to help prevent overloads from affecting the rest of the house. When in doubt, consult a local licensed electrician.

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