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The Different Kinds Of Air Conditioning Systems

Are you planning on purchasing a new AC system? The good news is that there are now more models available than ever before. The majority can be divided into the following air conditioner types:


If you are searching for a trouble-free solution, then portable air conditioners is worth a look. These units don’t have much in terms of power as portability dictates that their size remains small. However, they can be perfectly adequate for cooling a room, a shed, or a tent. There is no need to punch a hole through the wall as they are designed to stand on a wheeled base and accomplish heat exchange using tubes. Store them away during the winter when they are not needed. Take them to different parts of the house depending on which room requires cooling.


When people think of air conditioners, the image the usually pops up in their minds is of a white box with several grills on the front with the back protruding outside a wall or the window. This is known as a window type AC because of the common method of installation. Designers put everything including the compressor and condensing coils inside the box to create a complete system in a neat package. There are models that are suitable for small rooms and models that are powerful enough to serve a large hall.


Although the smart all-in-one design of window ACs have many benefits, some people don’t like them because of the noise that they emit. This is mostly due to the compressor which can become especially loud with age. They are also hard to set up in rooms with very small windows or those which have no windows at all. The split type ACs solve the problem by separating the system into the interior and exterior parts which are then connected by a tube. The interior components can be affixed anywhere on the wall while the exterior components can be placed on the roof deck or any other convenient place.


Central AC systems are large and powerful. They are designed to cool entire homes and buildings through a network of ducts, often the same ones used for heating in winter. They make maintenance and control a lot more manageable.

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