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Tips for Maintaining your Home Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system is important to any home because it keeps those in the home cool and comfortable during hotter months of the year. Air conditioners are created to last for many years but from time to time they will break down and need repairs. When a breakdown occurs, there are simple steps that a homeowner can take to try and get the unit up and running again without assistance. We will list these tips below.


The first step a homeowner can take is to check the thermostat. If the thermostat is on the fan, on position, then the fan will run continuously without cutting off. Change the thermostat to Fan Auto will set the air conditioner to run only when it is needed for cooling, according to the temperature you have previously set.


Next make sure that all the emergency switches are on. In many homes, the heating and air conditioning systems are connected to the same controls. If you have switched off your furnace then your air conditioning may not be getting the power it needs to turn on.


You may also want to check your electrical box. If a breaker has been tripped, then you unit may not be getting any electricity. Check the breaker box and make sure that all of the switches are on so your unit will cut on as it is supposed to.


Next, homeowners can check their filtering system. A dirty filter can cause a unit not to work properly and it could be that you have not changed the filter in months. If the filter is dirty, switch it out for a new one and try your unit again.


Take a walk outside and check the outdoor portion of your unit. If this portion of your unit has ice on it, it will need to defrost. Simply turn the air conditioning unit off and set the fan to the ON position. This should allow for the ice to melt. It should take just a few hours, no more than six, to melt the ice away.


If you continue to have problems with your unit after taking above steps, then it is time to contact a local air conditioning service provider. Schedule an appointment and then once they arrive let them know each step you tried so they will be knowledgeable of what is going on with your unit.