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Tips for Summer Air Conditioning Care and Maintenance

It’s important to have an air conditioning system you can count on for the summer season. The last thing you probably want is for your HVAC system to break down in the middle of a sweltering hot day. In this blog Efficient Systems, your local heating and air conditioning company, shares a few tips on how to make sure you have a well-maintained HVAC system this summer.

Tips for Summer Air Conditioning Care and Maintenance


Test Your Air Conditioner Early

While an air conditioner breaking down is bad, one that won’t turn on at all is even worse. Most HVAC repair work takes about a day to complete, but in some cases the work can be delayed if replacement parts have to be ordered from the manufacturer. It can also be hard to find an HVAC technician available on short notice since summer is such a busy season.

Fortunately, you can avoid finding yourself in this situation by getting your air conditioner tested as early as the spring season. In addition to having all the time you need to troubleshoot your system, you can call an HVAC company like Efficient Systems to perform HVAC maintenance and repairs. In this way, even if repairs get delayed, you won’t have to suffer through hot days with no cooling while waiting.

Conduct Regular Inspections

Regular HVAC inspections complement scheduled maintenance, allowing you to find small problems such as punctures and electronic malfunctions and have them addressed by a professional before they develop into bigger problems. Performing minor repairs early on will cost much less than waiting until bigger issues arise. In addition to regular inspections, make sure the air filters are cleaned (or replaced, if disposable) at least once a year.

Encourage Proper Airflow 

Proper airflow helps you get the most from your air conditioning system. Make sure that vents and registers aren’t blocked by furniture, decor or window treatments. Unobstructed airflow allows even distribution of cool air, which helps lessen the output required by your air conditioner to maintain your ideal room temperature. Use a ceiling fan or a standalone fan to help keep the airflow going.

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