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Top HVAC Tips For Your Home

One of the most important things that you can do for your HVAC systems is to properly maintain them. Too many homeowners forget about the basic maintenance procedures that help their systems last longer and provide them with reliable service all throughout the year. Consider some of the following HVAC tips that you can refer to for your monthly maintenance needs, and see what a positive difference they can make in the state of your system.

To begin, one of the most important things that you should always do is make sure that your air filters are replaced. The air filters in your system are one of the most important parts of it because they prevent your system from getting too bogged down with contaminants and dirt.

Make sure that you take care of the exterior of your unit as well as you do the interior. Every month, especially when the hotter weather hits, it is important for you to remove and debris and leaves from the condenser units. This helps make sure that they run as efficiently as they need to.

Lubricate the motor of your condenser fan at least once a year if it has the available oil ports. Make sure that you use a non detergent lightweight SAE 20 oil, adding no more than ten drops per every port. This helps keep your mechanisms from wearing down against each other as they work.

If it possible, try to shade your outdoor compressor unit as well. The air in shaded space is often five to six degrees cooler than what it is in the hot air, so proper shading can help you get more life out of your system, especially if you notice that it is already having trouble with running and overheating.

If at any point you need advice for your unit, it is highly recommended for you to contact us today. We can not only help you with any questions or concerns that you may have about your units, but we can also help suggest replacements and repairs if your unit is too far gone.